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Professor Gilderoy Lockhart

Professor Gilderoy Lockhart

From: yours truely (Sun Jan 23 18:07:50 2005)
Love the eyebrows! (Yes I am insane, I look at people's eyebrows.)
From: MioneBookworm (Fri Jan 6 20:21:02 2006)
well, it is good that you notice eyebrows, since it is eyebrows that determine a lot of the expression on one's face...and yes, the eyebrows ARE great! that drawing is great!
From: lunna (Sun Jul 30 20:26:18 2006)
exactly like i imaged him
and the eyebrows are great to
From: book worm (Tue Jul 31 18:41:32 2007)
love the picture of lockhart just the way of my imagination he is always smiling and he thinks he is all that
From: loonyloopylupin (Tue Aug 7 17:14:08 2007)
DEFINITELY fits the stereotype image of a "Prince Charming" ...but we all know what a shallow, arrogant berk he is! (In case you can't tell yet...Lockhart REALLY irritates me! lol :-) )
From: sak (Wed Dec 12 04:48:05 2007)
hee..hee...that smile fits him perfectly!
From: Goodriddencetolife (Wed Apr 2 15:55:11 2008)
loving that smile he looks fab!
From: Olivia (Thu Apr 17 10:37:20 2008)
You captured him perfectly!
From: lockhart fan (Sun Dec 28 17:56:59 2008)
love the smile. That thing says hello the universe revolves around me. By the way love the hair slicked back with about ten pounds of gel!!!!!!!! LOL

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