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The girls at Hogwarts had remarkably similar counterparts in the world of Disney

The girls at Hogwarts had remarkably similar counterparts in the world of Disney

From: TPK (Fri Aug 5 18:11:44 2005)
That... is really interesting.
OK, from left to right: Cho Chang/Mulan, Hermione Granger/Belle, Ginny Weasley/Ariel, Luna Lovegood/Princess Aurora, Parvati (or possibly Padma) Patil/Jasmine, Lavender Brown/Cinderella?
From: Administrator (admin) (Fri Aug 5 19:29:21 2005)
Right you are! And it's Parvati as Jasmine. If I used Padma, she might be Pocahontas or Esmeralda or something. But hurrah, you win! Some people were having trouble guessing earlier...
From: phantomwitch (Sat Aug 6 18:21:16 2005)
I guess I haven't seen The Little Mermaid enough. I thought Ginny was Anastasia at first.
From: TPK (Sat Aug 6 18:42:18 2005)
Thanks, ag.

And strictly speaking, Ginny couldn't be Anastasia--since "Anastasia" wasn't a Disney film--but I do see the resemblance.
From: Seven (Wed Aug 10 20:17:55 2005)
I love it! This is like the coolest thing I've ever seen. I've always seen the Aurora, Ariel, and Belle similarities, but the other ones fit as well!
From: Marj (Thu Aug 11 17:19:32 2005)
Cool! You know, I've been comparing HP to Disney a lot lately. Most of your comparisons match mine, only I think that Luna would be a 0erfect Alice! But then, Princess Aurora is a good choice too.
From: Hermione Granger (Sun Aug 14 21:55:31 2005)
That is wonderful! I love the Disney drawing you do, AND the Harry Potter ones. Great Job!
From: Antigone (Wed Aug 31 22:54:06 2005)
I thought Fleur was Cinderella! I lose!

I love it. :-D Clever idea and great artwork.
From: Neilmoon (Fri Sep 9 22:40:11 2005)
Wonderful. I am curious as to who Pansy or
Millicent would be. The evil stepsisters
From: Jourdin (Tue Sep 27 12:02:42 2005)
I absolutely love this!! Great job!
From: Gothic-Hermy (Mon Oct 17 01:52:16 2005)
I can't believe it! I'm not the only nut in the world who thinks Belle is a lot like Hermione! Hurray!!!

I want adventure in the great wild, somewhere! I want it more than i could tell... And for once it might be grand, to have someone understand: I want so much more than they've got planned...

I don't know if i got those lyrics completely right, but... who cares?!? Great idea!
From: xool (Sat Nov 26 22:44:39 2005)
hey, awesome drawing, I loved all the details you put into the pictures. My favorite would be Mulan. Great picture!..
From: catherine (Tue May 2 05:24:44 2006)
i think it's great and hermione looks awesom... somone would look good as meg though....maybe hermione???
From: charlotte (Mon May 29 12:08:50 2006)
hehe.I love this p. Great idea!!!!
From: White Phantom (Sun Jul 2 09:14:54 2006)
Cinderella is my all time favorite princess I mean, my whole life is mirror too hers litrally! But I cant imagine Lavender brown as cindrella I thought maybe like Luna, but she's aurora? by the way awesome picture's....
From: lunna (Sun Jul 30 21:35:34 2006)
i fugured out who ginny, lavender, parvati and cho are
but wich one is luna and wich one is hermione
From: Elise (Mon Jul 31 15:45:59 2006)
Hermione is Belle of course, who are similar in their bookish nature, and Luna is Sleeping Beauty, because she is kinda spacey.
From: Diella (Fri Dec 8 02:04:20 2006)
This is great!!! they definitely fit into these characters! I love Disney princesses and i love HP! Way to bring them together!
From: (Sat Dec 23 15:03:03 2006)
that is really cute.i had never thought of that
From: Mellissa (Sat Dec 30 00:27:42 2006)
Oh wow. This is combining my two favorite things in the whole world-- Disney and Harry Potter. This is absolutely incredible and you picked the perfect princess for each girl. This is amazing! You are incredible.
From: Sam (Sun Jan 28 20:10:23 2007)
That is so weird how they are so linked like that.
From: pottylurvesloony (Thu Mar 22 19:44:33 2007)
i love thios since i am a big fan of disney
very creative! :)
From: JazzySpazzy (Fri Jun 22 16:38:42 2007)
i love this pic, it is so great. you are an amazing artist.!!!
From: Weasley Girl (Mon Nov 12 17:17:02 2007)
It's really cool. I would have never guessed that 'Little Missy Prissy' Lavender Brown was Cinderella.
From: E. Potter (Tue Jan 22 08:35:14 2008)
wow thats cool;) first I thought Ginny was Ariel at first, but it`s not so strange they are sosimilar:P
From: JackieSage (Sun Mar 30 02:01:40 2008)
Disney counterparts... definitely so
I had never noticed but you're actually right!
From: Drea (Thu Apr 3 13:46:58 2008)
How interesting! I love it.

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