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An idea from another HP artist...  My feelings toward the girls of HP

An idea from another HP artist... My feelings toward the girls of HP

From: TPK (Wed Sep 7 15:02:11 2005)
Well, we can certainly see where the crushy-crushes lie! Very cute.
From: Hermione girl (Fri Sep 9 16:13:49 2005)
I love how Hermione looks! Your the only artist i know who can draw hermione the way i picture her. I also really like the one with Ginny.
From: Aeran (Sun Sep 11 14:53:03 2005)
Further proof that Cho Chang sobs at absolutely everyone she sees... ;)

Ginny seems to be looking at you in a very patronizing way! :D
From: TPK (Mon Sep 12 12:45:27 2005)
See, to me, Ginny's look is more of a playful "I ain't buying it." Fun.
From: Administrator (admin) (Tue Oct 11 21:41:44 2005)
Yep, I think that's more what I was going for, TPK. :) It's like, "Oh, you!"
From: samantha (Fri Oct 14 05:40:51 2005)
hehe tonks. genius. i love this. Ahh ginny! u did wonderful ginny. and hermione and everthing else!
From: Gothic-Hermy (Mon Oct 17 01:55:15 2005)
I like the look on your face when Cho's crying! Really funny!
From: me (Tue Oct 18 18:42:59 2005)
wow... your hot
From: Bat (Mon Oct 24 16:40:41 2005)
Very cute...
From: MioneBookworm (Fri Nov 4 21:12:32 2005)
That's what I think about Cho as well! Such - a - boring - weep. Fantastic drawing!
From: Cat (Sat Dec 10 22:25:03 2005)
I love the reactions. It'd be nice to also see yours about Lavender too.
From: rusty (Sat Jan 14 17:43:43 2006)
that's not lavender! thats fleur! (isn't it?) lovin the cho one. i feel very sorry for her. i would give her a big hug if i met her.
From: Saphy (Fri Apr 28 14:38:33 2006)
Congratulations, you win the Internet! ^_^

That picture is the Best Thing Ever, I'm not kidding. I love your reaction to Cho the best, I think. *gives gold stars*
From: lunna (Sun Jul 30 21:40:36 2006)
not sure about the one of hermione and harry
the one of harry and cho made me kaugh and i thinnk the one of harry and ginny was perfect lol
From: Elise (Mon Jul 31 15:44:14 2006)
It isn't Hermione and Harry, it is Hermione and DREW of course! These are pictures of Drew and all the girls from HP and him. Silly Drew...
From: lunna (Sat Aug 12 20:21:59 2006)
to elise: whos drew
From: Administrator (admin) (Mon Aug 14 15:47:33 2006)
haha, Drew is the artist of all these marvelous creations, of course! I am his little sister, helping maintain his website while he is away. Check out his photo gallery on the main page to see the similarities in these drawings and the actual him.
From: Bobert (Wed Sep 20 16:56:21 2006)
Lol, very nice, Love the Tonks :]..... biiiiiiiig Tonks fan
From: pottylurvesloony (Thu Mar 22 19:48:57 2007)
I like the idea and i agree with you and mionebookworm about Cho. she is way annoying with how she cries so much
From: Hannah (Thu Apr 5 22:49:17 2007)
I love your reaction with Luna. I love Luna, she is such a sweet character and odd but a loyal friend. I like that you didn't portray yourself as awkward or embarressed around her, but simply happy and enjoying her company. I like how your laughing with her, not at her.
From: E. Potter (Tue Jan 22 08:59:51 2008)
hehe I liked the face next to cho hehe it`s like it`s saying:
"arrg get over it girl"!
From: Drea (Thu Apr 3 14:19:14 2008)
This is great!! What a great idea.
From: Janet (Tue Jun 10 19:08:14 2008)
Great contrasts in this one.

Janet Jackson

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