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Gryffindor guys

Gryffindor guys

From: conansaura (Fri Mar 25 23:50:11 2005)
Set in seventh year right? Because they look all grown up.
From: Jones and Ashes (Thu Apr 14 21:07:28 2005)
*huggles Neville* And good gravey, Seamus is hot!
From: Briana (Mon Jul 11 15:09:45 2005)
I love your Dean Thomas. In the movie that boy is getter hotter!
From: Roon (Mon Jul 11 21:15:54 2005)
*There's* Dean! The amazing vanishing Griffindor. Hee, there's not alot of Dean art, thanks for that.
From: moi (Wed Aug 31 19:14:40 2005)
I've seen this posing somewhere before...did you *gasp* steal it?! I'm kidding, actually. I's awesome. Might I add that that Dean looks like Tony Shaloub. (Erm...if you know who that is...)
From: Administrator (admin) (Thu Sep 1 00:07:58 2005)
Yeah, I know who that is. I may have seen something like this at sometime, and then when I sat down to draw mine, it was subconsciously brought forward in my mind. *shrug* Don't really remember.
From: CornerGasFan (Mon Dec 5 21:29:03 2005)
He kinda does look like Tony Shaloub....
From: B. Snape (Sun Dec 25 03:17:14 2005)
I love how you draw Ron. And I just all out love Neville!!
From: Rusty (Tue Dec 27 15:48:51 2005)
jebus, i want to marry ron, hug neville and snog seamus senseless after seeing this picture.
From: j0j0 (Mon Mar 6 17:41:35 2006)
i love it!
From: lunna (Sun Jul 30 20:58:26 2006)
aww i love it
From: I LUV Snuffles (Sun Nov 26 21:11:59 2006)
Even more Excellent!!
From: pottylurvesloony (Fri Mar 23 19:11:01 2007)
this is awesome!
From: Alexander (Sun Jul 1 03:19:18 2007)
You have talent that makes me physically ill because I know I will never have it.
From: rocco544 (Wed Aug 1 11:20:13 2007)
Harry and Neville seem to be worried about something.
Hahahah you and i both Alexander, altough I can still draw but not as good as Drew, my drawing style is more realistic rather than Drew's cartoony look (its still great, dont get me wrong, I wish I could draw like that).
From: Fleur (Fri Aug 17 22:39:43 2007)
Ron looks so hott what mor can I say.
From: hogwarts girl (Thu Sep 27 17:22:46 2007)
everyone wants a gryffindor guy =]..awsome pic
From: griffindor chick (Thu Sep 27 23:07:47 2007)
i think Harry,& Ron r so Hot!!!
But i just want to add,that Nevil& Seamus
got reely,reely cute!!!
From: utah singer that wants to be famous some day... (Tue Aug 4 18:34:50 2009)
has any of you peoples of earth seen ppp (potter puppet pals) it is halarious (sorry) it is great for people who love harry potter!!!!!!

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