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The final product in the H.A.G. Collaboration

The final product in the H.A.G. Collaboration

From: magically me (Sun Feb 13 07:47:48 2005)
I've already seen this via Cosforums (obviously) but I just wanted to say how good I think it is and that you and HarriettaPotter are a great team!
From: TNT_Angel (Thu Mar 31 22:44:15 2005)
Im sorry to say this to Harrietta but I like your side better! Its just so much more detailed, right down to their shoes. I also love the little logo at the top! That looks so much like you
From: Agatha Bluestar (Mon May 2 16:50:32 2005)
I don't have a clue what the H.A.G. is, I would love to learn what it is, though. BUT I think just like TNT_Angel, your side is much more detailed and expresses more. I am becoming a great fan of yours! ^_~
From: Administrator (admin) (Thu Jun 23 17:16:02 2005)
The H.A.G. Collaboration was a drawing that Harrietta Potter (from CoS and MNI forums) and I worked together on, because people thought our styles were similar. It was really fun, and she's quite talented!
From: Hel101 (Fri Aug 26 03:37:25 2005)
i think this is wonderful! you're both very talented and it's good to see you're gift not going to waste.....

In Harietta's pic, are they meant to be older? Because I think they look differnent, but not so different. They all have that similarity to each other, so that's good
From: Annie (Sun Aug 28 12:53:45 2005)
Where is Harrys scar on the right one?
From: HarryRockz (Sun Aug 28 14:15:10 2005)
Wow, this is really awesome. I can't wait for the second HAG colloboration!
From: Emily (Mon Aug 29 19:56:33 2005)
I think its brilliant! But Harrieta's side, they look stiffer, and less detailed
From: katherine (Sun Sep 18 09:08:02 2005)
I love this one, shows how different people can have so many different styles, even if they're drawing the same people. Geeze, how on earth do you do it? I wish I could send you some of my sketches, for some feedback from a REAL artist like you!
From: MioneBookworm (Wed Jan 25 22:07:38 2006)
Your trio looks scared of Harrietta's ag! Gosh, I love it.
From: lunna (Sun Jul 30 21:24:32 2006)
ok wierd much
(and this coming from lunna)
From: Elise (Mon Jul 31 15:55:42 2006)
Haha, of course they are scared! THey are seeing themselves! You see the time turner? Indeed.
From: gwynnblack (Wed Nov 15 15:36:11 2006)
interesting perspective. i have to agree with TNT_Angel. your trio is just so...real. and their personalities look right.
From: Elise (Sat Nov 18 18:08:23 2006)
I have to say something in Harrietta's defense... She is 8 years younger than Drew (AG). She knows you have good intentions, and completely agrees with you when you say that ag's are better, but just so you know... Phey just have different styles, tis all.
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