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Harry Potter's birthday 2004

Harry Potter's birthday 2004

From: Stephany (Sat Nov 6 06:07:34 2004)
hehe now he is going to pounce on the cake! I like Crookshanks face. They are all great.
From: hb (Tue Nov 16 17:12:13 2004)
i adore this sketch of pig! its so adorable!
From: Administrator (admin) (Tue Nov 16 19:00:23 2004)
Thanks hb. I think this was my first-ever drawing of Pigwideon, and I'm pretty pleased with how he turned out too. :)
From: me (Thu Dec 23 17:41:51 2004)
oh, this brings a smile to my face! i love EVERYTHING about this picture!
From: Beth (Fri Feb 18 05:22:39 2005)
Pigwidgeon is fab :D
From: falloutboygirl (Wed Mar 9 19:45:17 2005)
I LOV hedwigs face. that's exactaly how I thought she'd look!
From: Mycha_kk (Sat Jul 9 10:08:41 2005)

It's an adorable pic. I love how Hermione looks here (though I'm not sure who she's lookking at) Pig is the sweetes here. And Hedwig looks like the wise owls she is.

From: Administrator (admin) (Sat Jul 9 13:47:32 2005)
Hermione's definitely looking at Harry. :)
From: potter#1fan (Mon Jul 25 20:50:24 2005)
oh that's sooo cute! I love Pig, and Hedwig looks kinda bored if you ask me. But I love Hermione, she's looking at Harry! (aarrrgh!) just admit it Harry! You like her!! Great pic
From: Annie (Sun Aug 28 12:48:04 2005)
I like this picture, but isnīt that supposed to be Harrys 24 birthday? I donīt know..
From: Gothic-Hermy (Mon Oct 17 01:38:19 2005)
It's only Harry's 24th birthday if you consider the year when the first book appeared as an year in the book as well. But... i consider that Harry is 16 at the moment (I'll be his age in April!!!)

Anyway. I don't think a singing Ron is something you would like to have around you. He-he-he.

Like it, by the way.
From: lunna (Sun Jul 30 21:14:43 2006)
this one made me laugh cause the last one is the same but younger
soo cute
From: iwannamarrydraco (Wed Oct 4 15:46:29 2006)
hermiones the best!!
From: Hannah (Thu Apr 26 18:31:11 2007)
I like how Ron's belting out "Happy Birthday toooo youuuu!!" awesome
From: Kayla (Mon Aug 17 13:39:18 2009)

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