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HP Halloween final2

HP Halloween final2

From: TPK (Thu Oct 27 17:49:08 2005)
Heh, the old truism still holds--he's only Superman when the glasses come off.

Very nice work!
From: becca (Sat Oct 29 08:49:34 2005)
hey! lol. great work! i luv i when u do stuff like that! but im having a little trouble with the characters, though. i know spiderman is ron, and superman is harry (duh!) lol. but, um, could you point them out for me, please?
From: Lily Dragon (Tue Nov 1 15:03:14 2005)
What an irony... Ron as spiderman...

Is it Luna on the right, and Ginny on the left?
From: Administrator (admin) (Thu Nov 3 19:48:30 2005)
Yes, it is! Good catch. Ginny as Catwoman, Neville as Mr. Fantastic, Hermione as Wonder Woman, Harry as Superman, Ron as Spider-Man and Luna as Hawk Girl.
From: Michelle (Mon Nov 7 00:48:35 2005)
That is such an awesome picture. My love for super heroes meets my love for Harry Potter.
From: Mark (Sat Nov 26 12:29:49 2005)
Nice job! But is hard to imagine them putting on costumes like that, lol.
From: anon. (Sun Nov 27 00:47:08 2005)
I know it's rather trivial but shouldn't Hermione be Catwoman? I may be splitting hairs but I thought I might share my two cents...Nice work
From: Administrator (admin) (Mon Nov 28 02:23:38 2005)
I don't know... I thought Ginny (with JK's several allusions to cats when describing her) seemed like a natural candidate for Catwoman, while Hermione has always been the sort of all-knowing, superhero kind of girl, smart as a whip and all that. Thanks for the feedback.
From: Cat (Sat Dec 10 22:22:13 2005)
Fabulous drawing, I love it!
I think anon. was just refering to the time when Hermione drank the cat hair with the Polyjuice Potion.
From: StephyJ (Sun Jan 1 04:45:07 2006)
Ahhh! I never saw the end result!!! I love it!!!
From: anon. (Sun Jan 22 21:31:05 2006)
indeed i was, well spotted Cat...
nice job a.g.
From: Emma Snape (Sat Feb 25 16:35:57 2006)
I love, love, LOVE the idea and the result, and I love Hermione in this. Her hair is faaaabulous!

Em xxx
From: Saphy (Fri Apr 28 14:40:19 2006)
Ron is Spider-man... *dies laughing* Oh, the irony!

Very cute pic, I really like it!
From: white phantom (Sun Jul 2 09:17:15 2006)
love ron's expression but I'd probably be screaming and running away if it was me with a spider on my hand, I'm am total arachnephobic. I still watch the spider scene in chamber of secrets through my fingers!
From: The Friendly Neighborhood Psycho (Thu Jul 27 18:32:44 2006)
They have rather large foreheads, don't they?

Harry must be wearing a wig, since his hair is so untameable.

From: lunna (Sat Aug 12 20:22:49 2006)
no offense but this one kinda scared me
From: lunna (Sat Aug 12 20:24:08 2006)
oo and one more thign, how can ron be spider man
hes scared of sspider lol :P
From: Administrator (admin) (Mon Aug 14 15:46:01 2006)
That is why he looks ever so nervous. It is kind of a little joke, you see.
From: potterfeak (Mon Oct 30 20:35:49 2006)
one of the......FUNNIEST.....yet WIERDEST....things that Iv'e seen, dont worry, thats a good thing.
From: Mellissa (Sat Dec 30 00:32:39 2006)
Oh, my favorite Hogwarts boy as my favorite super hero. Ron and Spiderman. That is too cute.
From: HAHAHAHA :D (Sat Feb 17 10:32:19 2007)
this is the most superb thing i saw in the whole album!
harry looks wierd without glasses!! and ron! looks like he is lost in his own web!
hermione and ginny r obviously looking OOMPH!!!
Neville afraid of the hunter in ginny's hands!!!
and luna never thought she could fit into hawk girl's costume!

i must say... these are the couple of Book 7!
neville-luna, harry-ginny, ron-hermione..

this is fantastic!
From: nymphadora (Sat Feb 17 10:33:37 2007)
i wished if longbottom had been BATMAN!
From: Mali (Thu Apr 26 20:43:01 2007)
Ginny is so totally catwoman. I love it sooo much!
From: ??????????????? (Fri Aug 17 21:46:44 2007)
Are you kidding me? That is soooo funny
From: tonksfan101 (Wed Dec 5 19:13:02 2007)
I love this picture!!!! It is soooooo funny!!!!!
From: E. Potter (Tue Jan 22 09:06:04 2008)
hehe love it specialy Ginny as catwoman;)

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