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Just for fun, what the gang's photo on Splash Mountain might look like

Just for fun, what the gang's photo on Splash Mountain might look like

From: Phane (Wed Mar 1 15:37:59 2006)
I love their reactions. Really liked Trevor & Neville both having the same reactions. What's with Harry's right arm though? Is that his pinky finger sticking up?
From: Jeanenne (Sat Apr 8 21:55:04 2006)
Love the Looks on their faces! Love it! Haha!
From: Saphy (Fri Apr 28 14:44:33 2006)
Aw, how fun! I love Neville's (and Trevor's!) expression; poor guy. But I think I like George's face the best here. It looks like his eyes are about to pop out! O_O
From: lunna (Sat Aug 12 20:28:53 2006)
aww i love it
From: potterfreak (Mon Oct 30 20:39:02 2006)
Ive had this happen to me!I think thier expressions fit pwerfectly! hehehe
From: pottylurvesloony (Thu Mar 22 19:52:45 2007)
this is hilarious!
From: loonyloopylupin (Tue Aug 7 17:51:05 2007)
Harry and Fred are my favorite! I like how you drew Harry's glasses starting to fly off and Fred with his arms in the air (you can practically hear him screaming "WHOOOOOOOO!" at the top of his lungs, lol :-D )
From: fantasy-holic (Fri Jan 4 19:47:38 2008)
i really like this pic! i love how it seems almost real even though it has so little detail. fred and georges faces are priceless. i'm still laughing. i love the way you drew neville. even though most people think he is a dork hes probably one of my favorite characters. i like you design for him. it totally ROCKS.
From: E. Potter (Tue Jan 22 09:26:46 2008)
haha I realy liked this one I like how you drew Harry and that he`s glases are falling of;)
From: me (Sun Apr 6 14:30:50 2008)
this pic answers the age old question "What do Harry and the gang REALLY do over their summer vacation?"

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