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The trio attends Hogwarts University

The trio attends Hogwarts University

From: yours truely (Sun Jan 23 18:16:09 2005)
Wow! They are so grown up!
From: TNT_Angel (Thu Mar 31 22:28:07 2005)
They do look all grown up! Look at harry, eyeing Hermione, she's looking back! Then there's Ron, not even paying attention! You must be a Hermione/Harry relationshiper
From: Mycha_kk (Sat Jul 9 10:00:38 2005)

Well I'm not sure what shipper you are (I've got an impression you try to be a non-shipper) but it does look like there is something going on between Harry and Hermione. :D
And Ron is oblivious [sp?]... *pats sweet Ron*

I really like how they look older here. (and how they are eyeing each other ;) )

From: potter#1fan (Mon Jul 25 20:43:35 2005)
Wow. Harry looks just like James...but people say that all the time. And Hermione, she's so pretty! Get out of the pic Ron! Harry and Hermione forever!!!! (sorry!)
From: B. Snape (Sun Dec 25 03:21:52 2005)
Once and forall, it's RON AND HERMIONE, no matter what anyone says!
From: catherine (Tue May 2 05:02:51 2006)
exactly ron can't marry his sister..... ewwwwwww!!!
From: lunna (Sun Jul 30 21:05:39 2006)
i agree with B.Snape
they r perfect for each other
From: apologetic critic (Fri Feb 22 21:29:54 2008)
I would have agreed with you, but then Ron sort of became more of a gimmick for making Harry look good than a character.

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