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A BEAUTIFUL coloring job by Tridums!

A BEAUTIFUL coloring job by Tridums!

From: MioneBookworm (Fri Nov 4 21:10:01 2005)
You're telling me no one commented on this picture? It's just so beautiful! We shall congratulate Tridums and Ag on their wonderful work together!
From: Hufflepuff_Zoey (Mon Nov 7 18:04:48 2005)
That meant to be Harry and Ginny? Haha. Still love it, big fan of Disney.
From: monalisa_1313 (Mon Apr 3 03:33:03 2006)
nice concept art =) ... perhaps in future arts, maybe a bit more detail and depth??
From: rock_star34 (Sat Jul 29 18:25:12 2006)
WOW!!! I really like this piece of work. next time may"e a little more detail??? other than that I think it rocks!
From: lunna (Sat Aug 12 20:16:14 2006)
ooo colourful
From: Ashley (Mon Aug 21 10:56:41 2006)
That's adorable! Ginny and Harry would fit into those roles rather well. :)
From: me of course (Sat Dec 23 15:04:54 2006)
that is so cute its really sweet
From: Draco_fan (Fri Jul 27 20:31:09 2007)
I'm a harry potter, and disney freak! This is THE B-E-S-T picture! It's so cute!! ^.^
From: E. Potter (Tue Jan 22 08:55:06 2008)
wow now it gott iven better with colurs!

I`m E. Potter and I`m a disney and Harry and Hinny freak:P
From: E. Potter (Tue Jan 22 08:55:49 2008)
meant:Harry and Ginny freak

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