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Harry Buckbeak

Harry Buckbeak

From: Masika (Wed May 25 17:48:09 2005)
mmmmmm! Buckbeak! He's so awesome!
From: lilyevanspotter (Thu Jan 12 15:13:01 2006)
God, your Harry is HOT!!!!
From: lunna (Sun Jul 30 21:12:50 2006)
i agrre with both of u
From: Hannah (Wed Mar 21 14:37:48 2007)
Harry looks like an adult.
From: apologetic critic (Sat Aug 18 19:24:34 2007)
I always love the way you get dimension into your drawings--I'm esp. referring to Buckbeak here. His legs just flow back and work both as a 3d object and a 2d composition.
And thanks for (1) posting this stuff and (2) keeping the standards right. (So glad that you're LDS--not having to have the mouse hover over the "Back" button is such a relief.) It helps me have more confidence in my own abilities as well. Thank you!

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