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Something that most likely will NEVER happen...

Something that most likely will NEVER happen...

From: Lyssa (Thu Oct 7 19:15:54 2004)
Urgh, are you a H/Hr shipper? Blaugh! (I'm a R/Hr shipper myself...)
From: Administrator (admin) (Sat Oct 9 17:17:10 2004)
Eurgh.... I don't admit to any ship. I REALLY don't believe in shipping, I leave the matchmaking to JK, I just did this really quick doodle once as a joke with my sister. Truth is, I'm pretty sure Ron and Hermione will end up together... Sheesh, don't take it so seriously...
From: Molly (Sat Oct 16 21:56:42 2004)
Awww, don't listen to the R/Hr shippers. You should feel free to draw whatever you want. I'm a big time H/Hr shipper, and I think it's a WONDERFUL art work! It made me smile! :D

Hope you do more of these!
From: Stephany (Sat Nov 6 06:12:38 2004)
I'm not a shipper either, but it's a good drawing. I still imagine Ron and Hermione together when it comes down to it.
From: Lily Evans (Mon Nov 8 17:58:09 2004)
*points to self* I am a R/Hr Shipper... so the term is... lol
From: HarrylovesHermione (Fri Nov 12 22:45:13 2004)
Great! I love this image, that's what I'm waiting for!
From: purple_pillow (Thu Dec 2 15:05:19 2004)
is that hermione though?
From: Administrator (admin) (Fri Dec 17 20:42:56 2004)
Yes, it's Hermione and Harry. That's why it says, "What really happens when no one else is in the Gryffindor Common Room". Just a little joke... :)
From: a person (Wed Dec 22 17:05:04 2004)
well...since you're a no shipper...could you draw one of ron and hermione? pretty please with whipcream on top!
From: me (Thu Dec 23 17:45:17 2004)
hehe at this i giggle... love it
From: Kensington (Sat Jan 1 14:20:56 2005)
well, it could be ginny, considering she's in Gryffindor also... but whatever you say, i think it's cute either way. nice work
From: po (Sat Jan 15 15:57:45 2005)
are you sure thats harry and hermione cus it dont look like either of them
From: po (Sat Jan 15 15:59:10 2005)
it could be any girl in gryfindor couldnt it
From: Administrator (admin) (Mon Jan 17 04:16:45 2005)
Erm.... I'm pretty sure it's Harry and Hermione, since it's ME who drew it... It looks like I used to draw them, so that's who it is. This isn't meant to become a shipper debate, it's just a goofy little doodle. But yes, it IS Harry and Hermione...
From: Eva (Thu Jan 20 20:57:24 2005)
LOL. I thought this was cute. It'll never happen, but it was still cute. Don't take it so seriously, people...
From: delia kimmel (Sun Jan 23 22:13:35 2005)

realy it cutir kiss why not deep kiss??
From: delia kimmel (Sun Jan 23 22:15:15 2005)
realy never happen that kiss but cutie kiss i am sure look good for togther
From: delia kimmel (Sun Jan 23 22:16:15 2005)
i like this draw and why not drAW FOR ME YOU CAN WAITING FOR ME !!
From: falloutboygirl (Wed Mar 9 19:43:40 2005)
I think that's so cool! haha...when no one's in the comm%n room. that's awesome!
From: IRAN (Thu Mar 17 04:57:22 2005)
Khak bar sar!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
From: 2angry2cry (Thu Mar 24 13:21:39 2005)
Ugh, H/Hr shippers make me sick!I'm not telling nothin' againts you, you explained youreself! But still, there is a ship that is certenly going to happen and that's the R/Hr ship. I hate it because of the cliché, it's so predictable that I hate it! I'm a supporter of D/Hr ship even if Jo squashed it*sob*. I like it because it's so defenetly wrong and so efenetly beautiful at the same time *sigh*...
I hope you'll do somethin' about Draco&Herms *wink*!Good job on this one!
From: TNT_Angel (Thu Mar 31 22:36:07 2005)
Go Harmony Shippers!!! Yay! Thank you for drawing this! Although im not sure I love the title! Never say never!
From: Simini (Sat Apr 23 22:57:27 2005)
Wow. amazing how "relationship" pictures inspire the most debates... not even relates to the drawings... just though i'd had one more, for the heck of it.
From: Trees Are Neat (Fri May 13 01:06:11 2005)
Even though I'm the enemy of H/Hr, I still love this picture. The pose is so incredibly cliche that's it's cute! I love it, great pic.
From: Briana (Mon Jul 11 15:14:30 2005)
I'm a R/Hr shipper! But its a lovely drawing! It really is. I love it! Could you draw a R/Hr one?
From: Administrator (admin) (Mon Jul 11 22:51:05 2005)
We shall see.... I did this drawing before I had made my decision never to do non-canon drawings, but who knows what books 6 and 7 hold in store for us... We may have a Ron and Hermione scene like this soon enough...
From: potter#1fan (Mon Jul 25 20:53:37 2005)
oh I LOVE this one!! *praying* Please let Hermione and Harry come together! Oh well...JK is the writer, not me. I am writing a book, though!
From: Brianne (Sat Aug 20 16:47:55 2005)
I like your picture. I don't care abput the ship, because the pic is to nice to really care.
From: Jerlyne (Sat Sep 10 07:35:28 2005)
It's so cute but i'm a R/Hr shipper... ;)
From: Gothic-Hermy (Mon Oct 17 01:42:23 2005)
Ahhh... This looks weird. Like seeing Hermione k)ss her own brother! My nickname is Hermione, and they say at school I'm just like her (except for the "goth" part, that's all mine). It feels weird seeing them like this.
From: Hufflepuff_Zoey (Mon Nov 7 19:12:00 2005)
I'm a R/Hr shipper. And a H/G(Harry/Ginny) shipper. Though, I thought Hermione and Krum made a nice couple. Haha. That's when I have to choose a ship and stuff, I normally don't choose who couples should be...but I agree with Gothic-Hermy, it is like seeing Hermione kiss her own brother...-_-;;;
From: anon. (Sun Jan 22 21:24:41 2006)
wow, quite the controversy you've started here. i'm of the opinion that it's really harry and ron in the picture...ron's just wearing a wig
From: A Tabby and her Kit (Thu Feb 2 04:26:37 2006)
I'm H/L shipper and MM/AD shipper.
(Harry and Luna) (Minerva and Albus ,// )
From: Viktorius (Tue Feb 28 18:22:28 2006)
Who cares about shipping?? J.K. is the only true shipper, the outcome depends on her and only her.
From: Administrator (admin) (Tue Feb 28 19:27:28 2006)
Hear hear! Well done! Very good point.
From: baaaaa (Tue May 2 05:14:40 2006)
i like it though it seemed weird at first..... though i'd love hermione and draco to end up together because it's so different and no-one would expect it!!!;)
From: kat (Thu May 11 20:15:29 2006)
I (for one) think that this picture is the best that I've ever seen and I am an H/Hr shipper cuz Hermione and Ron barely have anyhting in common and yah. You should at least one more of these pictures.
From: Wolf (Fri Jul 28 00:11:13 2006)
its a good pic over all people...no matter who people want hermoine or harry to pair up with....
From: lunna (Sun Jul 30 21:17:54 2006)
that had better be ginny
cause hermione is for ron only
From: Sherrie Lee (Fri Dec 29 05:03:55 2006)
Hmmm...Personally, I'm a Ron/Hermione shipper (I believe in trees, man!), it is a cute picture, though....Erm....I guess we can pretend that they had one to many fire whiskies, right? Good job on the drawing, uber cute! God...I feel so weird complimenting a Harry/Hermione pic. Lmao.
From: Olivia (Tue Jan 30 15:58:43 2007)
Im a Malfoy/Hr shipper myself... JUST KIDDING!!! You should have seen the look on your face! LOL XD Im a Ron/HR shipper!
From: pottylurvesloony (Thu Mar 22 19:28:26 2007)
i think this is very cute and funny ;) I think harry will end up with ginny and ron with hermione, but still very cute and funny ;)
(pay no attention to my name. I just like peeves and thought this was a funny line)
From: griffindor chick (Thu Sep 27 23:29:20 2007)
AHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! Ithought she liked Ron.

(OOOOOOOOh Im telling Ron)NAH! Just kidding.
But i am jelous that shes kissing Harry.
Other than that,ITS ALLL GOOD!!!
From: slytherin boy (Sat Oct 27 05:02:34 2007)
cute picture. but i first though she was ginny! hehe
From: kim jewell (Tue Oct 30 22:42:42 2007)
whats a shipper?
From: Sasha (Thu Dec 18 16:58:16 2008)
She could be Ginny. ;) I looked at it before I read the description and I thought it was Ginny.
From: Bella S. (Fri Feb 27 19:07:32 2009)
Me And Edward But Edward totally hated it!! He nearly Bit me!!
P.S. so cute *sigh*

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