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Lily and James Potter take two

Lily and James Potter take two

Description : Hopefully this one is a little more proportionate, dynamic, and has more movement.
From: Stephany (Sat Nov 6 05:58:25 2004)
Lily seems so relaxed and James still seems a bit nervous. Very beautiful picture! I love Lily and James. Another one I'd love to see in color too!
From: Lily Evans (Mon Nov 8 17:55:40 2004)
Great pic... I'm going to cry!!! *starts to tear up*
From: Adiah (Fri Jan 21 17:59:03 2005)
Lily actually looks a bit like JK Rowling in this picture.
From: yours truely (Sun Jan 23 18:11:13 2005)
Awww! *cries*
From: Click (Sun Sep 18 23:51:54 2005)
Wow, Lily looks like a mix between your Hermione and your Ginny.... o_0
From: lilyevanspotter (Thu Jan 12 14:28:57 2006)
odd, Lily looks like Carrie Fisher (Princess Leia) Very very good!
From: Padme Naberrie (Sun Feb 26 15:36:22 2006)
I agree with lilyevanspotter, Lily does look like Leia in Return of the jedi a bit. v.gd
From: Courtney (Sun Apr 9 21:34:55 2006)
I love them!!
From: lunna (Sun Jul 30 20:50:32 2006)
i totally agree with Click
but they look so peacefull
From: venusangle (Tue Aug 15 18:19:33 2006)
love the look of romance in their eyes...
From: Nymphadora (Thu Jan 11 21:57:33 2007)
this is a true love in itself!!! :")
they look so much like Harry n Ginny!!! innat???
From: Hannah (Wed Mar 21 14:25:10 2007)
funny, i always thought of James without glasses.
From: Madame Raven (Mon Jun 18 09:54:26 2007)
like someone said, indeed,Lily look´s like a mixture of J.K.R. and hermione and ginny.
From: ,jil (Mon Jun 18 09:57:07 2007)
Sorry, but i am a Star Wars geek, so i don´t see the resemblance.the similarities, I mean.
From: book worm (Tue Jul 31 18:46:51 2007)
weird james looks like harry and lily look like ginny but with no pimpes ill bet the will end up marying ea. otther
From: hogwarts girl (Thu Sep 27 17:14:57 2007)
i think i like this one better but they r both great
From: Olivia (Thu Apr 17 10:53:30 2008)
This one is much better. I love Lillys dress.
From: Sasha (Thu Dec 18 16:44:09 2008)
I wonder if JKR purposely made James and Harry look alike, and Lily and Ginny look alike...this is almost like it's foreshadowing. :)

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