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The Boys of Hogwarts

The Boys of Hogwarts

From: NightOwl (Sat Oct 30 01:00:33 2004)
From: me (Thu Dec 23 17:37:19 2004)
simply wonderful
From: conansaura (Fri Mar 25 23:48:14 2005)
Ha! Somebody's getting pushed out of the picture. I'm too tired to figure out who.
From: Maggie (Fri Aug 5 17:02:53 2005)
It's either Fred or George. I can't figure out which one.
From: Lunylovegood (Thu Sep 22 07:30:04 2005)
Crabbe,Goyle, and Draco are at the far right. then Ron, Harry, Neville (cuz he has that worried "I forgot something again look), dean (I think) and fred and george.

From: Administrator (admin) (Thu Sep 22 13:02:01 2005)
Oooooh, so close! You only got Dean wrong...
From: lunyl0veg00d (Mon Sep 26 20:27:06 2005)
it's Cedric! I'm so dumb sometimes... so Crabbe, Goyle, Draco, Ron, Harry Neville, Cedric, and Fred and George!!!
From: lunyl0veg00d (Mon Sep 26 20:28:01 2005)
no! hold up! maybe its Seamus...
From: Administrator (admin) (Mon Sep 26 21:02:51 2005)
Actually, it's neither Cedric nor Seamus... One more guess or shall I reveal the intended answer?
From: Jourdin (Tue Sep 27 11:43:50 2005)
reveal reveal reveal!!
From: Administrator (admin) (Tue Sep 27 12:48:04 2005)
Okey-dokey. It was meant to be Oliver Wood. In hindsight, Cedric is a good guess, but I thought Oliver was more a part of the action for the first several books, and Cedric, crucial as he was, only appeared prominently in one or two, so Oliver it was.
From: B. Snape (Sun Dec 25 03:15:37 2005)
I heart, Draco, Ron, and Neville!!!!
From: Zavi (Sat Mar 11 09:20:19 2006)
OHMYGOSH! Ron looks so CUTE! His hairdo looks eerily similar to what I picture Duncan Quagmire's to look like. I love Draco's expression. I hate Harry (as a character, not your drawings), and it's just priceless. And you really did a nice job on ruffling up Harry's hair, it looks quite natural.
From: Courtney (Sun Apr 9 21:37:16 2006)
wahoo! i guessed oliver.. cuz hes a keeper duh!!
From: lunna (Sun Jul 30 20:53:38 2006)
all dem boys
i think neville looks a little to sad though
From: Sam (Sun Jan 28 19:55:25 2007)
It's Oliver cuz he's got the quafule (?) in his hands.
From: sara_sugar (Fri Aug 3 15:23:06 2007)
Woa..Malfoy and Oliver luk seriously hoTT..great job !
From: hogwarts girl (Thu Sep 27 17:18:28 2007)
boys boys boys =]..love this pic
From: fantasy-holic (Fri Jan 4 19:56:04 2008)
this is an extremely well drawn picture. the expressions, postures, and in some cases actions are priceless. when i first saw this pic, i didn't know there were comments below it and i guessed that the guy holding the ball was oliver wood because ThAT was Exactly how i picture him. great job
From: sak (Sat Jan 10 05:49:33 2009)
It's awesome!

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