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A colored version of Harry at Christmas

A colored version of Harry at Christmas

From: IRAN (Thu Mar 17 04:59:50 2005)
It is not harry ???
From: terbear2005hp (Sun May 8 00:30:05 2005)
1st off yes color! yay color!! but i don't want to sound mean but maybe it's just me but his head's a bit big isn't it? or is it his shoulders? i'm sorry never mind. it's really good!!
From: Administrator (admin) (Sun May 8 03:34:28 2005)
No, that's a good bit of feedback. I kind of think when I drew it the first time he was really turning his body, so his body is facing the left side of the page while his face is facing out (to fit with the rest of the kids on the page), which might be why his shoulders and torso look so slim. Thanks for the input!
From: lunna (Sun Dec 24 13:07:23 2006)
very nice, I like it
From: XD weee (Fri May 4 21:47:16 2007)
looks like james

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