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My very first drawing of Hermione Jean Granger

My very first drawing of Hermione Jean Granger

From: Quibbler Reader (Wed Jan 19 23:32:25 2005)
Actually, thats EXACTLY how I picture Ginny. I hae yet to really find a good picture of Hermione as I see her in my imagination (though Emma Watson comes VERY close in the first movie, though your's coems close. :)
From: Witch of the South-West (Tue Aug 16 15:07:09 2005)
Hah! I love Crookshanks in here. Hermione's very cute.
From: lunna (Sun Jul 30 20:09:44 2006)
From: Olivia (Wed Apr 25 17:13:42 2007)
Crookshanks looks demented
From: sak (Mon Aug 6 05:04:00 2007)
Exactly like I imagined!!!!crookshanks looks cute.....
From: Lulu (Tue Aug 28 16:22:23 2007)
Isn't her middle name Jean?
From: Administrator (admin) (Sun Apr 6 16:08:16 2008)
Yes, it is! It had previously been reported by JK as "Jane", but apparently, in DH it is clear that her middle name is Jean. Thanks for the heads-up. *edits*

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