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The Girls of Hogwarts

The Girls of Hogwarts

From: falloutboygirl (Wed Mar 9 19:39:54 2005)
I love how moaning Myrtle is just off to the end all ghostly! it's great!
From: Briana (Mon Jul 11 15:08:29 2005)
it would be cooler if you could name all the girls of hogwarts,...and guys...so we know who they are...because i cant guess them all. lol
From: kelly (Fri Jul 15 17:08:03 2005)
Greart drawing. Which one is Cho? Arrrgh! Harry kissed Cho??!!! He can't like her! He luvs Hermione! Sorry, I'm a supporter of those 2! My cuz hopes Cho dies!
From: lunyl0veg00d (Mon Sep 26 20:23:19 2005)
I love how you made all of the characters look like themselves! Let's see... for future reference, I think left to right is Pansy Parkinson (?), Parvati Patil (?), Lavander Brown (?), Ginny, Hermione, Cho Chang, Millicent Bulstrode, and Moaning Myrtle
From: Administrator (admin) (Mon Sep 26 21:05:02 2005)
You got everyone right except the left three. I didn't put Pansy on here, for some reason I didn't consider her important enough after reading the first four books. *shrug*
From: Jourdin (Tue Sep 27 11:46:36 2005)
I don't know who the far left is but then comes Lavender and then Parvati.

I remember you saying somewhere that you had always seen Lavender as African American.
From: MioneBookworm (Sat Jan 7 20:19:32 2006)
ooh, great pic!

So hmm...from left to right:

I think the three to the far left are the girls from the Gryffindor Quidditch team. I don't know which one is Katie Bell and which one's Alicia Spinnet, but the middle one has to be Angelina Johnson. Then follows Ginny, then Hermione, Cho(ugh I hate that character), Millicent and Myrtle.
From: Administrator (admin) (Sun Jan 8 03:18:43 2006)
Close! All but the three on the left. They're actually supposed to be Padma, Lavendar and Parvati (although my image of them has probably evolved considerably since then). I tried to make the Patils resemble each other at least a little. Anyway, good guessing!
From: MioneBookworm (Mon Mar 6 17:40:13 2006)
ooh I see!

yeah, I can see the similarities between the Patil twins, but I never guessed Lavender because in my mind she has straight hair.
From: Lakin_Hughes (Mon Mar 27 16:50:33 2006)
Ha! i was right!!
From: Saphy (Fri Apr 28 14:17:16 2006)
Gads, Moaning Myrtle looks like me in this pic! o.O

I love the smug looks on Hermione and Ginny's faces. Thumbs-up for the piccie, as usual! *gives thumbs-up*
From: lunna (Sun Jul 30 20:55:04 2006)
is luna the one in the back on the left cause i think she should be near the fron
shes way kooler than mullicent bullstrode
From: Elise (Mon Jul 31 16:05:19 2006)
Actually Luna isn't included in this picture, as you can see the date says 2002, and book five came out the year after that... So... No luna included in this picture. Sorry. And you are right. She IS way cooler than milicent bulstrode.
From: kim jewell (Tue Oct 30 22:14:31 2007)
i was right because lavender is always talking to pavarti, the patil twins look similar, ginny's just ginny with the freakles and the exsprestion, hermione has a book, milicent looks tough (couldn't place anyone else there) and, myrtle looks perfectly ghostlike. good job.
From: kim jewell (Tue Oct 30 22:17:44 2007)
forgot Cho sorry (her eyes)
From: sak (Sat Jan 10 05:55:57 2009)
WOW! Your Drawings are the best!

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