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Take three....

Take three....

Description : I thought he looked too yellow in the other ones, so I adjusted his skin tone for this one. I mean, I'm sure Harry sometimes has rosy-cheeked health to him.
From: magically me (Sun Feb 13 07:46:31 2005)
This one is the best of the 3 colored Harry pics... his skin looked really yellow in the other two. good work!
From: Apocalypticat (Fri Mar 4 13:55:42 2005)
I just LOVE the way you do Harry... you have an amazing talent!
From: IRAN (Thu Mar 17 05:01:12 2005)
IN harry ast?????????????
From: Simini (Sat Apr 23 22:47:18 2005)
Nice! I like the sketchiness. Your version of Harry looks different from a lot of the ones i've seen. Sometimes he kind of reminds me of the pictures/drawings you have of yourself.
From: Administrator (admin) (Wed Apr 27 18:41:40 2005)
Ha! Yes, I've heard that a few times before. I never mean to, but I agree that many times my sketches of Harry resemble my sketches of me. Maybe I relate to him, and see a lot of me in him, and subconsciously that's manifested in my drawings. :)
From: Gryffindor Heir (Sat Jun 10 06:40:56 2006)
I totally fancy Harry in any of your piccy's but this take's the potion. I am falling in love with Harry all over again
From: legolasgr320 (Wed Nov 15 15:30:18 2006)
like this one. much, much better.

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