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Description : Colored using PrismaColor markers
From: Sam (Sat Jan 8 01:40:16 2005)
you said to leave you a message sometime: Wow, this is awesome. Hermione's emotion is amazing. She is my favorite character and you've done a great job.
From: Witch of the South-West (Tue Aug 16 15:08:50 2005)
She looks very powerful here. Her pose especially.
I also like her socks.
From: Annie (Sun Aug 28 12:23:11 2005)
I like this picture. Her foot looks very big though..
From: artgrl (Sun Sep 18 08:56:22 2005)
wow! I love this one of Hermione. She looks very sweet and shy to other ppl, but this shows that she's the poerful witch that she is! What did you use to color this?
From: George (Mon Jan 23 18:03:34 2006)
I really like it, except that she has a bit too much makeup on...
From: marisa (Sat Feb 4 16:38:06 2006)
hermione looks beautifull here
From: Olivia (Wed Apr 25 17:11:31 2007)
George you captured my EXACT thinking! WOW!
From: Administrator (admin) (Fri Apr 27 17:45:11 2007)
She isn't wearing eye shadow, just a regular shadow under the lids from her bangs. Besides, it is hard to do shading with markers, which is exactly what Drew used. Yes. Markers.
From: sak (Mon Aug 6 04:55:52 2007)
hermione looks so pretty..........
From: Lulu (Tue Aug 28 16:20:28 2007)
BRILLIANT! By far your best in my opinion!
From: Weasley Girl (Fri Oct 26 20:10:19 2007)
Go Go Go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hermione that is what I call GIRL POWER!!!!!!!!!
From: JackieSage (Sat May 31 19:12:12 2008)
Markers you say??
Whoa.... I WISH I could use my markers like that

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