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Harry, Ron and Hermione's differing approaches to flying

Harry, Ron and Hermione's differing approaches to flying

From: Stephany (Sat Nov 6 06:05:02 2004)
awww poor Hermione! This would be a cute one to see colored in too!
From: Writer11 (Fri Nov 26 18:40:46 2004)
I can see just what Hermione is saying.
uhhh...guys, can we get down now?
From: papilion (Sat Dec 25 09:33:17 2004)
From: Guibbler Reader (Wed Jan 19 23:36:33 2005)
HAHAHAAHAHAHA! I jsut lvoe Ron and Hermione's expressions.
From: yours truely (Sun Jan 23 18:17:42 2005)
Poor Hermione!!
From: Remus Lupin (Sat Feb 12 23:12:17 2005)
Ha! Oh wow! That is typically Ron. Just, "Yeah, yeah. Nothing new."
From: hesam (Thu Mar 17 04:51:59 2005)
How can you drow there?!!!!
From: littlemae (Thu Aug 11 21:42:17 2005)
Hahah, that's great. I love Hermione in this one, nice job. Ron looks quite relaxed.
From: Natalie (Thu Sep 15 14:30:19 2005)
LOL! love it!
From: B. Snape (Sun Dec 25 03:23:14 2005)
Ron just chillin'
From: unfortunatevent (Thu Mar 30 20:01:46 2006)
From: lunna (Sun Jul 30 21:09:39 2006)
aww hermione looks scared
personally i would love to ride a broom
From: pottylurvesloony (Thu Mar 22 19:21:37 2007)
haha! That is such a cool picture!
From: XD weee (Fri May 4 21:41:52 2007)
From: HPfan (Mon May 7 10:22:33 2007)
It's Harry's! Harry lets Ron take a ride on it when he receives it for Christmas, doesn't he?
From: Administrator (admin) (Mon May 7 14:35:27 2007)
I think drew was just messing around... This doesn't reflect a certain point in the book.
From: E. Potter (Tue Jan 22 07:10:04 2008)
hehe I love the way Harry is so concentrate about the snitch, and Ron is totally relaxed while Hermione looks scared:D hehe I love the pickture;)

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