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Disney Girls who didn't make the Princess cut

Disney Girls who didn't make the Princess cut

From: Katie M. (Wed May 17 20:17:29 2006)
I really love your work. But I just wanted to let you know that Nala is a princess, she was born into the royal family of Pride Rock. But at the end of the story she's really a queen because she gets married to the king, which is Simba. So she should be under the queen catigory, not with those other two who are of non-royal background.
From: otakugal15 (Fri Sep 28 01:53:19 2007)
Even though Nala is a princess, she is over looked that way. Makes me sad. Lion King was(and still is) my favorite Disney movie.

And Esmeralda is still my favorite Disney Heroine, princess or no. ;)

You're stuff is awesome, btw. ^^
From: E. Potter (Wed Jan 23 04:33:50 2008)
I agree with Otekugal15;P
From: apologetic critic (Thu Apr 17 19:37:42 2008)
You know what REALLY makes me mad, though? The fact that TINKERBELL, of all people, is counted as a Disney princess. What is that all about?!
From: Administrator (admin) (Thu Jul 30 16:34:29 2009)
I've never seen her included as a Disney princess, where have you seen her categorized as such?

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