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Disney villains

Disney villains

From: SlytherinPhnx (Aurora) (Sat Mar 26 20:18:28 2005)
I love it, love it, love it! I am so very glad you added Scar in there! Been my favourite since I was around 7 hehe.
From: Tabby Bee (Mon Mar 28 11:58:44 2005)
Yes! The Villians!
From: Leia (Mon May 2 17:54:12 2005)
Fantastic! I love all of your Disney pictures!
From: hum (Mon Jul 25 17:27:18 2005)
you know i can't seem to place the guy on the bottom sorner...is he the guy from mulan??
From: Administrator (admin) (Mon Jul 25 19:40:12 2005)
Yep, that's Shan Yu in all his grim and gloomy glory.
From: disneyfreak101 (Sun Aug 7 11:50:23 2005)
now this is one of my all time favorite photos on here. Its fantastic. I must say that i think disney is really missing out without you as an animator.
From: Diana (Tue Aug 30 16:53:26 2005)
Omg that sorcerous from Sleeping Beauty ((Forgot the name)) has scared me since I was three. ((and still does.)) Yeah! I love Jafar! This picture is the coolest.
From: Emma Snape (Mon Sep 12 13:21:18 2005)
EEK!!! SCAR! YOU PUT SCAR ON THERE! You know, he is so great, and yet he does NOT have enough fans. I love it!

Em xxx

PS. I took your advice and am carrying my sketchbook everywhere ... although I haven't taken it with me to the toilet yet. :P
From: Another artist (Tue Oct 11 13:39:22 2005)
I know it's been a while since I've been on you site...wow..you've been busy. I love this pic! You and feel the evil almost radiating off the screen/page. Great Job!!!!!
From: TJ Cooper (Wed May 23 20:04:35 2007)
I was looking serenely at Frolo and I burst out laughing when I realized he kinda looks like an old woman... teeheehee
From: TJ Cooper (Wed May 23 20:05:30 2007)
I forgot to say... Jafar's one of my favorites, what with the whole Prince Abu Bu business that just cracked me up
From: E. Potter (Wed Jan 23 03:53:07 2008)
hehe nice all of the disney vilians;) cool
From: Mrs.Jim_Sturgess (Sun Oct 5 13:26:25 2008)
Villains are my fav in movies becaus etheir not perfect, unlike the main person in movies. GO VILLAINS!!!
From: Administrator (admin) (Sun Aug 23 12:32:47 2009)
A lot of times the leads in films aren't exactly perfect either, they have flaws and imperfections that make their characters sometimes interesting too.

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