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Disney women

Disney women

From: Amanda (Sat Aug 28 01:54:02 2004)
I like seeing alot of disney girls and being able to say thats Ariel,Jasmine,Bell,Mulan,Jane ect.
Theylook very good. I also like to draw cartoon characters from movies.
From: Marianna (Mon Nov 29 15:26:07 2004)
ariel, jasmine, pocahontas, meg, jane, atlantis girl (forgot her name...oops!),Belle, Esmerelda, and Mulan. Am i correct?

This is a beautiful sketch
From: Administrator (admin) (Sat Dec 4 08:06:52 2004)
Yes, you named them all. (The girl from Atlantis is Princess Kidagakash--Kida.) Thanks. :)
From: Seven (Sat Apr 16 22:54:01 2005)
Oh,wow, Disney is the only fandom I love as much as Harry Potter! You are a wonderful artist.
From: disneyfreak101 (Sun Aug 7 11:48:37 2005)
beautiful....is it just me or does meg have a "herc is mine so i'm soooo special" look?

i like ariel the best, she looks serene and slighlty away from the rest of the group. Shy maybe but i like it.
From: dizneeprincess (Fri Aug 19 23:09:51 2005)
This is so cute! I thin kyou really capture personality well in all of your pictures! The only thing I can say is try to balance their height-Ariel's kind of short-Jasmine's kind of tall-I have the height in heads (that's how pros measure them apparently O_O ) up in my room-too lazy to get it lol but this is awesome!!!
From: Administrator (admin) (Sat Aug 20 15:12:22 2005)
Yeah, I have a copy of that somewhere too, I think. :) The trouble is when you draw them all together, every movie has its own style and standard of measurement, so it's hard to know how they would actually measure up to each other, since they're often very stylistcally different!

And besides that, I had limited paper space to fit them all into! :)
From: Diana (Tue Aug 30 16:51:08 2005)
Meg has so much attitude. :P Pricesses unite!
From: Another artist (Tue Oct 11 13:43:36 2005)
I resently purchesed a "How to Draw Disney Princesses" I now have a whole new appreaciation for your amazing art work. I like how you keep it in your style and not compleatly mimic the girls. So that we can all tell that yeah you put you talent into this and were not cheating by tracing or something like that. Again you have and amazing talent
From: another commenter (Sat Oct 15 20:38:36 2005)
undoubtfully the best of all your sketches! i luv this one..
From: Michelle (Sun Feb 19 19:49:17 2006)
you draw nice........... (thier all so cute)
From: Another artist (Fri May 12 15:40:08 2006)
Hold it! (boy am I observant..grr) You do not inclued the three original Princeses! Cinderella (with out her, Disney may not be around today) Sleeping Beauty (Disney wish of a couple danceing on clouds came true) and My number one favorite, the one I want to be and work at Dinsey land as "Snow White!!!" Why are they missing from this photo shoot? Did they all have other plans on that day? giggles, just wondering.
From: :) (Mon Nov 27 16:26:55 2006)
marianna,is she hungarian?
From: ,jil (Sun Jun 3 18:14:04 2007)
aNOTHER ARTIST, YOU ARE CRAZY:SILLY WHiTE CINDEBITCHELLA AND CRYING BEAUTY Are the worst charcters evers(good drawings, Drew:these girls are the best of disney!)So, i hate 5 characters:idiot white, cindebitchella crying beauty movie version eowyyyn(from lord of the rings)and elizabetyy-boo-poo-poo-wee swan(from pirates of the caribbean)these 5 girls totally suck!!
From: Utahgal (Fri Jul 11 20:51:05 2008)
who are the botom two people?
From: Utahgal (Fri Jul 11 20:52:19 2008)
where is aurora? I LOVE AURORA!!!!! :}
From: endzoftheearth (Mon Dec 29 18:56:19 2008)
this pic is awesome!!!
my fav has to be esmerelda, but my top 3 are the girls sitting down. you have an incredible talent!

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