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Incredibles sketches

Incredibles sketches

From: kina (Tue Feb 8 13:50:14 2005)
i think all the drawings here are very good n i bet u make it far in life
From: Michael Staples (Sun Mar 27 20:57:11 2005)
So on Violet's boots would that be an example of using "hatching"?
From: Tabby Bee (Mon Mar 28 12:01:30 2005)
Yep, that's hatching alright.

Anyways, Great picture! I love Carrie up in the corner.
From: hpfan (Sat Apr 23 19:25:21 2005)
you've really captured the essence of the way the characters were origionally created.
Violet is perfect!
From: sexy_HP_junkie (Fri Jul 29 21:03:25 2005)
omg! i love the pic of kari... its great!
From: disneyfreak101 (Sun Aug 7 11:53:23 2005)
fantastic! these sketches could almost pass as early concept sketches for the movie
From: dizneeprincess (Fri Aug 19 23:13:51 2005)
OMG OMG OMG!!! I love the incredibles and these are all so good!!!!!!
From: Diana (Tue Aug 30 16:55:15 2005)
!!!! YES YES YES! Incredibles art!!!! It's like my all time favorite movie ever!!! The Carrie makes me laugh. Ohhh, and the Violet with the force fields looks very cool.
From: E. Potter (Wed Jan 23 04:12:52 2008)
WOW! I love Violet! she is so cool!;P
From: jake the artist (Mon Feb 23 19:27:11 2009)
hahahahhahahahahaha love how you drew cari the baby sitter u really captured her personality

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