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The ill-fated Tower of Terror crew

The ill-fated Tower of Terror crew

From: Another Artist (Fri May 12 16:03:13 2006)
Very cool, My favorite has to be the lady looking over her left sholder on the left side of the page...seems like she knows somthing you don't. Like a secret she is just dieing to tell(oops! I didn't do that intentionally! hahah, thats funny).
From: Ginevra Weasley (Fri May 19 15:57:30 2006)
I had SOOOOO much fun on this ride... I love the classic Twilight zone stuff... wonderful! You must have ridden it awhile to pick up all the details. Maybe the internship helped
From: Griffie (Mon Dec 3 16:22:35 2007)
That was a fun ride, even before they put the randomizer in.

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