Raoul and Christine promise to love each other, much to the Phantom's chagrin

Raoul and Christine promise to love each other, much to the Phantom's chagrin

From: Evita (Sat Feb 26 23:06:03 2005)
There is soemthing stiff about Raoul. He is holding her but not.. well holding (italics:)) her. Seems more lustful than love.
From: Administrator (admin) (Mon Feb 28 01:13:57 2005)
Hmmm..... Interesting, considering I was never REALLY convinced that he actually loved her at this point in the film.
From: Jenni Radcliffe (Sat Mar 26 22:18:23 2005)
I love it!!! THere is something a little odd about the hands, but... who cares? lol
From: becca (Tue Jul 26 18:01:26 2005)
OOH, I like this one! In this pic, Raol kind of reminds me of Lord Fenton on the old movie "Scarlett" the sequal to "Gone With the Wind" He doesn't REALLY love her. Very good!
From: dizneeprincess (Fri Aug 19 23:20:59 2005)
*cries* I love phantom and this is awesome!
From: Chirstine & Phantom Fan (Fri Nov 4 21:58:55 2005)
if i was her i would dump raoul and get the phantom.The phantom is much hotter than him.I never liked him at first.
From: Administrator (admin) (Fri Nov 4 23:07:11 2005)
That's rather shallow reasoning, if I do say so. Never mind that the Phantom is psychotic, unbalanced and a murderer many times over, he's HOTT! *sigh*
From: Padfoot (Fri Nov 25 20:25:00 2005)
I like your version of Christine! You've inspired me to go on and draw the characters myself...having put it off for so long. This is really a tragic and lovely story. *sigh*
From: Glinda (Wed Jul 5 18:03:12 2006)
What on EARTH does that have to do with this drawing? if your going to comment, comment on the PICTURE! my goodness! well anyway this is FANTASTIC and you can really feel the chemistry between these two (although, I'm more of a Phantom fan myself)
From: Dani (Fri Oct 6 18:55:03 2006)
omg, you do phantom of the opera to? i love you!

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