From: Angel Of Music (Sun Jan 30 23:04:37 2005)
This is really, really good. i love phantom of the opera, and ironically i was wondering if anyone had done fan art for it, and this made a bad day (found out a cool local theatre was closing) really good. keep drawing.
From: Evita (Sat Feb 26 23:03:25 2005)
Love the dress on teh left.It just seems more her.With her facial expression I can't tell if she's annoyed or quietly suprised. My first impression was annoyed but then I looked closer at her eyes they were softer then the rest of her expression.
From: Administrator (admin) (Mon Feb 28 01:14:46 2005)
I think she's slightly annoyed, but also somewhat intrigued (this costume is from the Point of No Return scene, so I think it fits her current mood).
From: Jenni Radcliffe (Sat Mar 26 22:21:47 2005)
The picture to the left looks so much Like Emmy! you did a good job! I love the dress. It looks just like the movie!
From: Kelly (Sat Jun 11 11:31:22 2005)
Wow...That's good. hat kinda looks like my sister and I. (lol) Katie (sis) has always been jealous of my clothes. In your pic you can really tell what they're feeling. I also love the designs on your gowns and dresses.
From: Kelly(again!) (Sun Jun 12 17:41:23 2005)
Sorry, had 2 correct a mistake! I put '"hat" when I meant to say "that"!
From: Another Artist (Thu Jul 14 22:48:39 2005)
Great Job on the Sholders and Colar bone! Bold and yet still soft for a sweet girl. and like somany have said before me....Awsome job on the Dresses! So much detail! How long did it take you to Draw these up?
From: Administrator (admin) (Thu Jul 14 23:04:16 2005)
These actually just took a couple minutes, being rough sketches. Maybe five to six minutes for the whole page.
From: Mali (Wed Aug 10 20:55:28 2005)
My friends and I have been looking around your gallery, and we've come to the conclusion that you're the perfect man. Great job!
From: Emma Snape (Sun Sep 11 16:17:08 2005)
Well, ya know what I think, since we're talking right now! :D
From: chistine fan & phantom fan (Tue Oct 25 09:57:03 2005)
i love this picture it is my favorite!!! :)
From: Glinda (Sun Apr 9 16:35:59 2006)
this drawing is really good but it looks like its based on the movie not the show and im not a huge Emmy Rossum fan but great job
From: elphaba (Sun May 14 08:58:45 2006)
bravo job. I love the phantom of the opera and since I don't get to see it in theaters any more it lifts my spirt.

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