Christine happy and sad...

Christine happy and sad...

From: Jenni Radcliffe (Sat Mar 26 22:30:13 2005)
Oh my gosh!!! I LOVE it!! I love the dress! on the sad one, her face looks so real and she looks so pretty even though she's crying!
From: Trickster (Fri Aug 26 13:41:27 2005)
love how you do Christine's hair. Curls are so hard!! And the amount of detail in the dress is amazing! :)
From: Chirstine fan& Phantom fan (Tue Oct 25 09:59:30 2005)
i love the dress one her! and she looks so real!!
From: Another Artist (Tue Nov 29 22:02:15 2005)
The sad christine, she doesnt look quiet the same as all the rest, However, I love the sad one!!! She is so beutiful! Its like she just wants her troubles to disapear. Or like she is just waiting to tell you all her problems, hopeing you can help her. Beutifully done!!!
From: number 23 (Tue Feb 21 19:48:22 2006)
I love the one of christine crying. You have real talent, I wish I could meet you someday ;)!
From: christine's phantom (Sat Dec 1 20:05:35 2007)
I love the amount of detail on her face and dress. You have trumenduss talent. The Phantom of The Opera is my favorite movie. you made Emmy Rossum look betiful she is in real life too.

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