A drawing inspired by The Pirates of Penzance

A drawing inspired by The Pirates of Penzance

From: TPK (Wed May 25 22:09:55 2005)
See, now that's a bit more what Frederick should look like. Nuff said.
From: Another Artist (Thu Jul 14 23:03:53 2005)
I love that operatta!!!! Amazing Job! You really depicted the emotion of " I don't care where you've been, I just care that you are here now with me" in there eyes, which I always thought was important.
From: elphaba (Sun May 14 09:15:30 2006)
what the heck does operatta mean I need to know these things you know. Hey love t.he picture
From: Hannah (Fri May 11 20:49:44 2007)
Operetta is just a light opera, a comedy.
I like this pic but the girl doesn't seem to be looking at him. More like above or past his head. Just a thought.

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