Maureen Moon.jpg

Maureen Moon.jpg

From: george (Fri Apr 14 11:53:14 2006)
Ahh! I love RENT!

You did great with this, I love the look on her face!
From: Glinda (Sun Apr 16 19:45:22 2006)
"Only thing to do is jump over the moon" i love it! it really shows how... individual maureen is, being a theatre person (yes i am too and i am pretty weird) but it really is FANTASTIC
From: Mimi (Sun May 7 18:48:36 2006)
You should make more rent pictures!!!
From: Maureen-Elphie (Mon Aug 7 11:39:32 2006)
You have to work on Maureen! It does not look like Idina at all! You made her ugly!! You bastard!
From: Maureen (Mon Aug 7 11:41:01 2006)
Make more rent Pictures!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Also more Wicked!!!!!!!!!
From: Hannah (Tue Apr 17 19:11:18 2007)
excuse me, but I don't like to read words like that, so, for me and for the sake of others who probaly agree with me, could you not use that language.
From: Administrator (admin) (Wed Apr 18 14:15:50 2007)
Much thanks for pointing that out hannah. Let us keep the language clean, please!
From: yay me!! (Sat Apr 28 00:07:30 2007)
how come her mouth is square?
From: Administrator (admin) (Mon Jun 9 18:13:04 2008)
I dunno, ask her!

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