Meg Giry

Meg Giry

From: phantom fan (Wed Feb 16 17:00:26 2005)
you've captured her. not just the movie, but also the innocence and determination she shows in the book.
From: phantom's shadow (Tue Mar 8 01:28:54 2005)
ahhh! the walk!
From: Jenni Radcliffe (Sat Mar 26 22:27:29 2005)
I LOVE how you showed the walk! As a ballerina, I found it hilarious how she walked in the movie, because it is soo true! you get so used to having your feet and legs turned out it is hard to turn them in, and it feels weird when you do!! I also must say that I am proud of how you drew the shoes!that is exactly how they're tied in real life! cross twice, and tie them so when your feet are in first position the ties are facing eachother. I also love the look on Meg's face!!!
From: Glinda (Sun Apr 16 19:43:12 2006)
"Where in the world have you been hiding really you were perfect" so true when i was at camp i was in the play and people would always laugh at me because i had my feet turned out! this is a great job and looks just like it did in the broadway!
From: phantom of the opera time line historian (Sat May 13 18:25:25 2006)
Meg looks so cute. I love what you did with the picture.
From: Obsessor (Sat Jun 14 17:53:25 2008)
That's so good! ^^ What you need to do though is put Meg and Erik together. It's pretty much meant to be.

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