Christine is beckoned to pass the Point of No Return

Christine is beckoned to pass the Point of No Return

From: becca (Wed Jul 27 10:07:56 2005)
this one is really good! I think you did her dress really well, and her position really well too. *sigh* how did you start this site anyway??!!
From: Administrator (admin) (Wed Jul 27 14:53:48 2005)
Got my bro to hook me up with some webspace and a gallery program, that's about it! :)
From: morgan (Tue Oct 25 09:54:31 2005)
i think it is wonderful but can add more picture's of the phantom.Cause he is my favorite!
From: Chirstine & Phantom Fan :D (Fri Nov 4 21:48:41 2005)
PLZ!!!!!! add more pictures of the phantom he is soooo HOT :P :D!!!!!!!!
From: Another Artist (Tue Nov 29 21:59:19 2005)
I LOVE IT!!!!! I want this for myself!!! he dress slightly off the shoulder, bearing graceful yet bold and attractive shoulder and colar bone. I must admit I admire you way for staying consistant. She looks the same in all the pictures. I have to put a little more efort in trying to keep my people looking the same in every drawing. I must admit I am doing better. Practice!! It is the most valuable thing you can do for yourself!
From: Amy (Tue Jan 10 01:12:02 2006)
Ah, Christine deploys the collapsable bodice :)
From: Christine&Phantom Fan :D (Sun Jan 22 09:18:41 2006)
you should go to DEviantART, they have great drawing from Phantom of the Opera, i been therer they are awesome!!
From: elphaba (Sun May 14 09:08:08 2006)
that picture is so amazing. I think christine should trust the phantom. He had a really hard time when he was in his child hood days and was mistreated just because of a face infection. If I were living in that time period I wouldn't sceam my head off just because of a face infection. I would simply live with him if I had too. Any way great picture.
From: Anna (Wed Jun 7 19:49:32 2006)
i need a site 2! do u think u could get ur brother 2 give me directions or something?? ive been looking @ ur art, and now since im getting pretty darn good, im desperate!!

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