Ruth, Act II

Ruth, Act II

From: Another Artist (Thu Jul 14 23:16:38 2005)
Ha Ha ya gotta love Ruth! In your play what ever happened to her? In the versions I saw she ended up with the Pirate King! yet again you acomplish an awsome job with emotion and clothing. How old are you? So I can give myself a break from not haveing as much experience as you? Though I doubt I will ever acheive such a understanding and grasp of takeing things from one's mind to one's hand as you have show in your gallery many times.
From: Administrator (admin) (Fri Jul 15 01:05:57 2005)
Ha ha! In our version, I think Ruth ended up with the Sargent of Police. To answer your question, I'm 24. :)
From: Another Artist (Fri Aug 12 11:48:40 2005)
Well now I'm a little more relived. I still have a few years before I really have to worry about not being as good as you. but I must admit...I love your style of art.
From: dizneeprincess (Fri Aug 19 23:25:42 2005)
wpw, you know I really hafta c this now. lol I had never heard of it before!!!!!!! and I totally second another artist
From: TPK (Wed Aug 24 15:22:24 2005)
Yarr! Pirate chicks rock.
From: Julia (Sat Dec 3 23:11:02 2005)
In ours Ruth ended up with the Modern Major General.
From: Jessica (Sat Dec 24 15:45:00 2005)
In our production (BYU), I (Ruth) ended up with the Major-General. Would've liked the Seargant, but oh well :) Great pic, I must say! Almost looks as good as the original ;)

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