From: Harrietta Potter (Mon Sep 6 17:29:32 2004)
WICKED! I love it! Such tention between the two, and their costumes are perfect! Amazing ag!
From: Nikki (Fri Sep 17 14:47:09 2004)
Yay! I love wicked. Glinda and Elphaba look awesome.
From: StephyJ (Sun Nov 7 19:14:49 2004)
Ahhh! Wicked Rocks! hehehe, is this the 'Loathing' scene? This is incredible!!!! I love it!!!
From: Enchanted (Sun Jan 2 02:51:10 2005)
BEST of alllll the plays I have seen!!!! And, must i say, of all the Wicked artwork!
From: Draciae Malfoy (Mon Jan 3 20:15:25 2005)
OH! I love this one.
From: hp15 (Sat Jan 29 16:59:21 2005)
From: Aaron Davis (Thu Feb 24 20:03:17 2005)
mormon dudes and dudettes ROCK!
From: wdwbobbie (Mon Mar 28 03:41:54 2005)
Oh, could you make me wish any more than I already do that I could fly to New York and watch Wicked?!?! I'm afraid I'd spend the entire show singing along!
From: Tabby Bee (Mon Mar 28 12:04:56 2005)

*listening to soundtrack at this very moment*
From: Sam (Wed Jul 6 00:43:06 2005)
OOOOO... Wicked. I went to see it with a theatre group and absolutely LOVED it. Your art is Amazing!
From: Another Artist (Tue Nov 29 21:50:56 2005)
I cryed and cry for missing out on being able to see Wicked in Origanal Cast. But, I am great full for being able to listen to the CD and look at your pictures. This really show emotion, A picture is worth a thousand words.
From: Kris Tea (Thu Mar 30 19:48:13 2006)
do you mind if i make this my background?
From: Glinda (Sun Apr 9 16:49:04 2006)
this is really good but the costumes are a little messed up. by this point Elphaba is wearing her sort of glitsy witch of the west costume and Glinda is wearing the blue sparkly dress and it really doesnt look like that. dont get me wrong this is great but you might want to look at the pictures a little more. by the way is this supposed to be the cat fight in the cornfeild? it looks like it.
From: Glinda (same person yes) (Sun Apr 16 19:47:29 2006)
looking at it i guess it could be what is this feeling if you were using symbolism like the dress and crown Galinda is wearing shows how she, and every body else for that matter, thinks she is a saint almost and Elphaba sees how very shallow she is.
From: elphaba (Sat May 13 18:56:00 2006)
wrong on thinking that song is what is this feeling it's looks like the part in the corn feild and elphaba gets the hat AFTER what is this feeling. Any way love love lovethe drawing
From: Glinda (Tue May 16 16:57:35 2006)
on a whole i dont think this looks like "What is this Feeling?" which is what i said in my earlier comment and i was thinking symbolism but your right i over looked the fact that she is wearing the hat in this picture. thank you for pointing that out.
From: an Elphaba fan! (Sat Dec 23 12:25:22 2006)
this is AWSOME!! it's so awsome! keep it up!
From: Elphie (Thu Apr 12 08:08:07 2007)
'Tis not What is This Feeling. I believe it is in the cornfield cause that song comes in near the beginning in the first half. Cornfield is in second. I have the soundtrack and have seen it twice on Broadway, once with Chenowith. Wicked Rocks! :)
From: Administrator (admin) (Sat Apr 14 11:54:54 2007)
I actually don't think Drew was making this a specific time in the play. I think he was just drawing them for fun in their appropriate roles. Seriously. Just a fun drawing. Nothing specific.
From: Madame Raven (Wed May 23 18:04:41 2007)
WICKED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!YES!!!!!!!!!! i love the musical and the book both are awesome!!!!!!! Glin and Elphie look great!!!!

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