Galinda gives Elphaba a black hat as a cruel joke

Galinda gives Elphaba a black hat as a cruel joke

From: Seven (Wed Aug 10 20:41:13 2005)
I love Galinda's pose and Elphie's expression.
From: TPK (Sun Feb 12 17:57:47 2006)
From: Glinda (Sun Apr 9 16:44:41 2006)
"its really dont you think" this is great it really captures Galinda's shallowness. great job
From: ELPHABA MENZEL (Fri Sep 15 18:31:02 2006)
I`ll get you for that glinda! Great job! I love this drawing.
From: an Elphaba fan! (Sat Dec 23 12:29:06 2006)
i remember this part! what a cruel joke Galinda did! VERY good job!
From: Administrator (admin) (Thu Feb 1 01:45:53 2007)
Post by: obsessed wicked fan!
"omg that is brilliant, its amazing i actually think that wicked could become an animated film now, great job!"

Thanks for the comment! Just keeping the site free from profanity!

From: Madame Raven (Wed May 23 18:19:15 2007)
LOVE it!!Could you do a drawing from the scene `Dancing trough LifeŽ?
From: Madame Raven (Sun Jun 3 18:19:40 2007)
Exactly the scene where they appear Galinda,Fiyero,Boq and Nessa.Please?I want to know how you imagine Boq and Nessa.
From: ,jil (Tue Aug 14 15:54:51 2007)
Why do Elphaba looks like Pocahontas and Galinda looks like an Ice-cream?

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