Elphaba and Fiyero share a passionate duet

Elphaba and Fiyero share a passionate duet

From: number 23 (Tue Feb 21 19:38:13 2006)
OMG OMG OMG! Its exactly how I experienced it. (And yay! Im the first one to write a comment for this picture)
From: Glinda (Mon Apr 10 16:32:31 2006)
i love this song this is amazing and fiyero looks EXACTLY like Norbert Leo Butz
From: elphaba (Sat May 13 18:18:36 2006)
I think that is the best picture you have ever drawn. You should do more pictures from wicked.
From: an Elphaba fan! (Sat Dec 23 13:04:22 2006)
this is SOOO romantic!!!! i LOOOOVE it! and i agree with elphaba! u should!
From: Madame Raven (Wed May 23 18:34:27 2007)
Elphie/Fiyero 4ever!!!! aka:Wicked Witch of the West/Scarecrow 4ever1!!!!
now,be calm Raven,calm down,ah, to the heck with formalities!so here i go:
FIYERO I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!I LOVE IVE READ THE BOOK IN WHICH YOU APPEAR
(psss,although ive missed the diamond tatoos in the musical, though).Fiyero, kiss me.
From: Administrator (admin) (Mon Oct 22 17:17:23 2007)
Originally posted by: liir ( son of a witch )
Tue 03 Apr 2007 07:44:14 AM EST)

this is *EDIT* amazing id love it if they did a animation movie of wicked , that would be sooooooooooo cooool!!

Edited for language. Keep it G, please.

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