Loating, unadulterated loathing....

Loating, unadulterated loathing....

From: TPK (Wed May 4 20:15:20 2005)
Hmmm.... good, but it looks more like unadulterated ambivalence. They really, REALLY hate each other during "What Is This Feeling" and they don't try to hide it.

I saw "Wicked" on Broadway in February. It was truly worth the $100 admission price.
From: Elphiefan (Thu Jun 29 11:02:43 2006)
It's like war of the witches.
From: an Elphaba fan! (Sat Dec 23 12:30:43 2006)
OMG! AWSOME DRAWING!!!!!!!! I LOOOOVE IT!! and no i am not 'Elphiefan'. i am 'an Elphaba fan!'!!!
From: Madame Raven (Wed May 23 18:15:25 2007)
It would be funny if Elphie and Glin could fly to Hogwarts and met the trio and be friends with them and being teachers at Hogwarts!Cute drawing; by the way could you do a drawing of what i said, of a Wicked and HP crossover? It could be so cool!

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