Yes, that IS me singing to Christine... :)

Yes, that IS me singing to Christine... :)

From: I ran out of creative names (Tue Feb 1 04:38:23 2005)
wow, what will Kelly think? But seriously Christine is much prettier, I don't blame you one bit. Actually I love the movement of Christine's cloak and hair. And you did a pretty good likeness of yourself too.
From: Jenni Radcliffe (Sat Mar 26 22:31:59 2005)
ha ha ha! that is awesome! you did a good job of drawing yourself and Christine looks pretty!
From: Megan (Sat Apr 16 03:32:23 2005)
She'll fall for you for sure Drew. Unlike Raoul, you have quite a bit more personality than a grapefruit.
From: TPK (Sat May 28 22:17:21 2005)
Wait, grapefruits have personalities? I thought citrus fruit was strictly limited to emoting.

Oh, yeah, and fun drawing too. ;)
From: rebecca (Sun Jul 10 21:11:14 2005)
wow um...that's great. You are such a good artist! I admire your work greatly.
From: Another Artist (Thu Jul 14 22:54:23 2005)
Will you ever finish this master piece? You did a really nice job in keeping both you and Christine in the same style of art, When ever I draw myself with another, I looks really nasty. I'd ask " Whats your secret?" but like a magic guy, an Artist never tells His of Her secrets.
From: Administrator (admin) (Thu Jul 14 23:05:05 2005)
Mwa ha ha, that's right, I can never reveal my secrets! And I hadn't even thought of finishing it, I had already considered it finished, ha! I like how we're sort of floating, ethereal, heavenly. *sigh*
From: Saphy (Sun Aug 14 01:19:04 2005)
*pokes the puddle of Drew on the floor* Heavens, you melted! o.O

Great pic, all squishy and romantic and stuff. Very good!
From: queen of lol (Sun Dec 11 08:27:30 2005)
keep on dreaming Drew! I draw the same kind of stuff. Like I drew me holding hands on a beach with Orlando Bloom! lol
From: Marica Malfoy (Sat Dec 24 17:00:51 2005)
*smiles* i dont blame her. *blushes*
From: elphaba (Sun May 14 09:11:57 2006)
Nice try Drew but itsn't going to happen to you in your life. Really I would fall for some one else if I were you. well great picture
From: Administrator (admin) (Sun Jun 11 22:08:10 2006)
This is Elise here, Drew's little sister. Poor Drew is so delusional. Haha, jk. That is what I love most about Drew's pictures is that he can insert himself into the different situations so appropriately and realistic! If you saw him in real life, you would be AMAZED how much that looks like him!

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