A colored version of I'm Not That Girl

A colored version of I'm Not That Girl

From: StephyJ (Sun Jun 5 22:58:31 2005)
Wow . . . did you color that one?
From: Another Artist (Mon Jun 20 19:23:46 2005)
How do you do it?! My weakness is clothing, yet you have it down like nothing else! The shadeing is again amazing! And hands! Wow! I have a terrible time with them, you are good at what you do.
From: Bat (Wed Jul 13 02:14:22 2005)
I have so much dificulty with hands and feet. You seem to have such ease with them...
From: Angela (Tue Jun 13 22:39:39 2006)
From: Wicked fan!!! (Sat Dec 23 12:22:40 2006)
i love it!!!!!! it's so sad! remindes me of me! GOOD JOB :-D
From: Madame Raven (Wed May 23 18:23:37 2007)
Beautiful!!! oh Fiyero,if you could only see to the right..sigh..
From: ,jil (Sun Jun 3 18:21:20 2007)
Nice, but Fiyero and Glinda look Exactly like Barbie and Ken.Elphaba is unique.

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