OLD school art  


From: carley (Wed Sep 28 18:31:21 2005)
lol, how old were you when you did this? Its a heck lot better than the drawings im doing now!
From: Administrator (admin) (Wed Sep 28 19:50:15 2005)
I was around 14 or 15 when I drew these. The two above were later drawings, trying to show my progress (ha).
From: Another Artist (Tue Nov 29 22:07:33 2005)
I must give you credit for being brave! I would never be able to show off things I did whe I was younger. Looking back at some of my old sceth books I am ashamed of them, yet appretiate them, for if it where not for those terrible drawings, I wouldn't be drawing the rather good stuff now.
From: number 23 (Tue Feb 21 19:57:41 2006)
thats what my art work looks like right now
From: MioneBookworm (Sat Mar 25 00:03:01 2006)
aaaaaaw, you've improved so much! *is proud of you*

I have like thousands of folders full of old drawings from when I was like...two years old tehee I'd never be able to post that.

And I must confess your drawings have helped my improvement a LOT. So thanks, ag. Really =)

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