Original Harry Potter Mural  
Glenwood Wall left2

Glenwood Wall left2

Description : The glare in this one lets you see Luna better, and Hermione at a better angle.
From: Sharreldine (Tue Apr 18 19:20:33 2006)
This is amazing - really! I'm very impressed. I can tell that the texture on the wall may have been difficult to draw on, but it looks wonderful. I love the differences between Luna and Hermione - both have curly hair that is pulled back, but Hermione's is much more refined than Luna's. It really shows a difference in their characters - Oh, very well done!
From: Samwise (Wed Apr 19 12:36:54 2006)
Yes, ag does a great job. It was difficult with the texture, but he pulled it off. Dang the hood for painting over these...at least there is still one ag mural that exists.

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