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mfl howdoyoudo2

mfl howdoyoudo2

From: Administrator (admin) (Mon Apr 12 16:03:21 2010)
From: water polo nut (Thu Apr 3 20:37:09 2008)

So cool! She kindof looks like Barbra Streisand from Hello Dolly!

From: water polo nut (Thu Apr 3 20:39:01 2008)

oh wait, she's saying the line from My Fair Lady, (emphasis on how...). cool. the outfit is the same for both musicals.

From: JackieSage (Sun May 11 21:12:02 2008)

How... in the world... is she wearing that hat? lol

Love the way the dress looks on her and how she leans so naturally on the umbrella really awesome

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