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Another take of Hermione in blue

Another take of Hermione in blue

From: emmaily (Tue Apr 25 14:07:31 2006)
hermione is nice in blue and pink
From: AnA -Brazil (Wed May 10 18:14:07 2006)
Itīs much better!!!I still donīt understand why it was pink in the movie, please, hermione is not a girl that loves this colour!Blue is perfect for her!
From: mary(brazil) (Sat Jun 24 11:03:54 2006)
muito mais linda de azul!!!!! amei!!
From: Juh-Brazil (Sat Jul 22 20:37:31 2006)
I prefer that way! Oh, and I really don't like Emma Watson, ergh! I hate the movies to. And this dress is... Awful! The dress in the book is much better, this one doesn't look like anithing that the "real" Hermione would use. And, did anyone saw that the hair is wrong to??

AnA: I know! It is pink because Emma Watson said that she looked a parrot[or any bird that look like a parrot] on the blue dress. And yes, there was a blue dress [...I think...]!
From: Mi (Mon Sep 18 18:59:41 2006)
From: hermione is great (Wed Nov 15 11:23:02 2006)
i love this dress, she looks so good in it,if only she could have wore both dress in the film
From: Kel (Sun Feb 4 20:32:25 2007)
Juh- Brazil, I agree with you, she was not herself in this movie, and did notice the hair was done wrong. Jez can't actors get anything right!?
From: Caitlin McCafferty (Sun Mar 18 15:34:37 2007)
Hermione should have gone to the ball with Harry insted of Vikter Krum he dosen't know how much harry likes her no way!!!
Caitlin c McCafferty

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