From: Evita (Sat Feb 26 22:37:49 2005)
I like this pic, its well drawn and all but I have never been a fan of how they depicted her in the movie. Having a Native American grandmother (hence making me what? a 4th Native) I realize Disney has missed something or maybe I'm just full of it.
From: becca (Thu Jun 30 22:39:55 2005)
That's great! I luv Pocahontas, I took a quiz and my soul is just like hers!
From: dizneeprincess (Fri Aug 19 23:01:50 2005)
^lol I'm Belle/Ariel different every time

Anyway-I can't draw Pocahontas worth crap and this is awesome!!!!!
From: Patricia (Sat Sep 10 12:06:19 2005)
Pocahontas is one of the most difficult girls to draw. This is lovely!

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