A colored portrait of Jane

A colored portrait of Jane

From: artistkayla (Sun Oct 16 18:20:29 2005)
hey, great pic, but, i recall that in the movie Jane's nose looked somewhat different...
From: Me (Mon Apr 10 21:41:44 2006)
Yeah, I agree with the above, wasn't it less upturned in the movie? :)
From: marina (Mon Nov 6 17:31:10 2006)
who cares!! jus enjoy the drawin ppl after all he put his best in it thats all that matters i love ur drawings drew dnt worry im with u!!!lol
From: marina (Mon Nov 6 17:33:04 2006)
oooooooooooo!!sos stupid me that ME was Drew sos im to supid i jus dnt like ppl who say needs corecction after all we put our hard effert in it we cnt be perfect at it thats all!!!sos *red in the face*
From: marina (Mon Nov 6 17:33:59 2006)
From: Elise (Mon Nov 6 20:45:57 2006)
Actually, marina, me isn't Drew, do no need to be embarrassed about it! You are just fine. Thanks for sticken' up for him! If Drew does post (and he won't be posting for the next year and a half sad to say... I am filling in for him) he usually posts under "administrator" so then you know it is all official.
From: pottylurvesloony (Thu May 17 16:34:45 2007)
this is stunning!
From: E. Potter (Tue Jan 22 13:02:54 2008)
as said she`s the queen of the jungle;P BTW the drawing is nice;)

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