The Little Mermaid  
Ariel doesn't know when...

Ariel doesn't know when...

From: Courtney (Sun Apr 9 21:07:08 2006)
wow, is it wierd that i just got chills looking at this. i hope you consider it a compliment that the song automatically popped into my head when i saw this.
From: Another Artist (Fri May 12 14:43:48 2006)
Same thing happened to me, instantly I heard the soft voice, yet determinded spirit. Very cool! LOVE the hair! I still envy your talents!
From: sak (Wed Dec 12 05:11:25 2007)
agree with courtney....
From: E. Potter (Tue Jan 22 09:32:39 2008)
wow I envy you! I can never draw something like that! Love the pickture!

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