The Little Mermaid  
Ariel colored (take 1)

Ariel colored (take 1)

From: gidet (Wed Jul 27 13:45:44 2005)
this one is really good. i like it! :)
From: None (Fri Sep 2 09:28:10 2005)
Aladdin doesn't know who John Lennon is.
From: None (Fri Sep 2 09:31:03 2005)
Three years ago, my dad asked me who the girl's name from Aladdin was. My dad doesn't know the girl's name from Aladdin. Because he's never seen the movie before. But I know her name is Jasmine.

9 / 2 / 2005
From: Plurals (Mon Sep 12 18:46:19 2005)
"Mouse" rhymes with "House". And the plural for house is not "hice". The plural for mouse is not "mouses".
From: It's My Life (Sun Oct 9 09:23:15 2005)
Let's not think about the 3 silly questions I asked my mom this year about Disney characters knowing 80's songs.
From: Idiotic poster (Sat Nov 26 12:59:24 2005)
Guess what? I stopped spamming up your gallery with nonsense. Are you happy that I stopped doing that?
From: Administrator (admin) (Sat Nov 26 13:00:17 2005)
No, because you haven't. Now KNOCK IT OFF.
From: Idiotic poster (Sat Nov 26 22:31:48 2005)
I won't do it again, I promise.
From: Idiotic poster (Sat Nov 26 22:31:58 2005)
Listen. I'm sorry I put nonsense in your gallery. It was my fault.
From: Last comment (Sat Nov 26 22:32:11 2005)
I didn't mean to annoy you. I'm very sorry I put nonsense in your gallery. It won't happen again.
From: blank (Sat Oct 14 17:14:21 2006)
I thinkt hat the only thing wrong with this picture is that her fin is to short other than that I think she looks wonderful!
From: sak (Wed Dec 12 05:05:48 2007)
luv it......

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