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From: somebody with no last name (Fri Feb 4 18:17:23 2005)
As I starred into this pictur e it made me think, and I thought for a very long time and finally decided to get my hair to be just like his.
From: becca (Thu Jun 30 22:42:50 2005)
That's awesome! I luv it! that looks just like it does on the movie! (it also looks like my cousin 2!) lol
From: Ike (Mon Aug 15 14:26:16 2005)
I think I still want my hair to look like his
From: sb from far away (Sat Oct 15 20:32:48 2005)
that is just as the drawing of the movie!! it s fantanstic!!!!
From: Marina (Mon Oct 9 11:12:28 2006)
ahhh!!!!!!! i just love jim hawkins he's so!!! hot n specially love da hair!!
From: E. Potter (Wed Jan 23 02:55:40 2008)
hehe Jim Hawkins is a very cool guy Love the movie and I love this drawing;)

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