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twins forever

twins forever

From: StephyJ (Sun Jun 5 22:51:02 2005)
Where did your sister get her dress, do you know?
She looks beautiful.
From: your favourite cousin (Mon Sep 26 19:44:56 2005)
that is so dang cute!
From: Another artist! (Tue Nov 29 21:08:20 2005)
Great picture! I am getting teary eyed just looking at it. That is a bueatiful dress, she looks so amazing just like every bride hopes. Can hardly wait for the day I myself wear white.
From: Utah singer (hope to be famous) (Wed Mar 4 21:50:28 2009)
was this at the temple, and if answer is yes, which one, i go to the mt. timponogus one every wensday at 5 am *yawns* i am tired.

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