C & G

C & G

From: Harrietta Potter (Thu Sep 30 15:57:33 2004)
This one is marvelous! I love how everyone has their own prop! Who exactly are these people? I can definately tell which one is you! That kid in the shades is really hot! What is his name???
From: some boy (Tue Oct 12 15:11:54 2004)
I was thinkin' the same thing about that the kid in the shades, but who is the girl with pig tales, because if she is that good lookin' in a cartoon then in real life she must unbelievable!
From: Harrietta Potter (Tue Oct 12 23:26:17 2004)
You can tell by the look on that girl's face that she has a big crush or something on that boy beside her! Agpotter! This picture says so much, you will have to give us all the inside story!
From: Ike (Thu Feb 17 13:11:23 2005)
I really like this one especially the guy with the glasses, he reminds me of this kid I knew in high school but he's a year out now on his mission can I get a copy of this. thanks
From: Tabby Bee (Mon Mar 28 09:49:40 2005)
If I'm guessing correct, I think that the five girls in this picture are your sisters? And two of them "dragged" their boyfriends or friends along?
From: Administrator (admin) (Wed Apr 27 18:56:55 2005)
Well, not exactly... Only two of them are my sisters, but the boys are definitely their boyfriends.
From: Tabby Bee (Sun May 15 14:59:29 2005)
^^ Well, I was "close" only three off, then.

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